Vietnam Sourcing with Cosmo

Cosmo Sourcing has been sourcing products and finding partners for clients in Vietnam since 2014. Over the years Cosmo has been building our own internal database and resources to source Vietnam. This experience has allowed us to offer exceptional service to our clients. Over time we have learned that our when looking at Vietnam they view it one of three ways: as a primary sourcing destination, as a secondary/backup or complementary destination. From this knowledge, we have built our sourcing packages to help you find your next product or partner!


Vietnam Simple Sourcing


Based off of our popular Simple Sourcing package but modified for the Vietnamese market. The package comes with four steps, it includes the three in our Simple Sourcing but has an added first step: a free consultation and briefing on Vietnam. Vietnam Sourcing includes the Product Planning and Validation, the Sourcing, and the Production and Shipping from Simple sourcing, but with an added first step that involves a free consultation to see if your product is made in Vietnam and brief you on Vietnam's industrial landscape.

In the “Project Planning and Validation” where we work with you to explore the feasibility of sourcing in your product in Vietnam -- this is an essential step when exploring Vietnam. Vietnam is a great place to get your product made, assuming Vietnam makes your product.

With the second step, “Sourcing, Production, and Shipping” We find a suitable supplier based on a custom rating system that we design with you. From there we’ll facilitate sample order. After you approve the sample we will visit the factory, do an on-site inspection and verify them for you and negotiate the final contracts. From there we will supervise and manage production and address most issues when they arise. Once production is finished we work with a freight forwarder to send it to a final destination of your choice.

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Vietnam Sourcing Survey - Starting at $399


Do you already source a product from China or elsewhere, but are interested in exploring the feasibility of Vietnam? Do you want to find a backup supplier in Vietnam in case conditions were to suddenly change? Or do you want to see if you can get a cheaper rate or get leverage when negotiating with a Chinese factory?

If you answered Yes to any of those questions than we made the Vietnam Sourcing Survey package for you. Cosmo will prepare a Validation report with a full audit of your existing supply chain and we will determine if or how much of it can be replicated in Vietnam. The Validation report will give a solid estimation of the landed cost of your product. The landed cost is the cost to manufacture the product, plus and start-up cost with manufacturing (i.e. mold or cast that need to be made), plus shipping cost, plus any customs or duty taxes. In addition to the Landed cost, we will provide a detailed timeline, broken down for each step, and detail the manufacturing needed to complete the product. You will also know any potential issue that we find, such as manufacturing challenges, or custom or regulatory issues.

When the Validation report is complete you will have a consultation between you and our skilled team to find out what is most important to you in a supplier. We use this to create a Custom tailored rating system, and use this to evaluate suppliers. Common factors that clients use to pick suppliers include cost, lead time, the ability to do certain customizations, pay a living wage and more. We then use a wide range of resources to create a large list, often over 100 factories, of potential suppliers. We do all this in the cloud so you can follow along live. Using our evaluation skills and your ranking system we then eliminate suppliers until we end up with around 6 final suppliers. These suppliers will be fully vetted and best qualified to make your product based on your chosen criteria. We deliver a detailed report, that includes the quotes, factory history, qualification, product details and much more. We even include full contact info so you can talk to them personally and review the factory yourself, something that we believe no other Vietnam sourcing company allows!

Deliverables/ options

  • Step 1: Validation report $399

  • Step 2: Sourcing report $499