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our flat rate pricing allows you to have a fully transparent supply chain

We know that buying from China is scary, that’s why we made Cosmo’s services simple and transparent. While other sourcing companies charge high commissions and hide their factories or receive kickbacks, Cosmo makes sure that you know the factories you are working with. We keep you informed at every step and will answer any questions you have. We will even put you in touch with the factory so you can talk to them directly. Our staff is forbidden from selling on Amazon or other platforms and are subject to regular audit to avoid conflict of interest or kickbacks.  We have been working in China since 2012, so get in touch and find out why hundreds of clients trust us. 

Sourcing $999

  • As many as 10 verified factories to choose from
  • Validation of product
  • Sample order processing
  • On-site visits and inspection
  • Preparation for FBA
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Product Photography

Our Team features

  • Professional Chinese Negotiators
  • Dedicated Account and Project Manager who will keep you informed at every step of the process
  • Logistic Manager who handles shipping
  • Experienced purchasing managers who can handle

Product Validation $200

  • Estimated cost to manufacture broken down by part and quantity ordered
  • Pricing breakdown by quantity
  • Manufacturing requirements
  • Analysis of compliance issues
  • Shipping cost and custom fees
  • Full total project cost

On Site quality control visits $ 200

  • Provide us with your factory information and inspection requirements
  • We will schedule a time for our inspectors to visit the factory
  • Our inspectors follow strict AQL requirements
  • We will provide any photographs requested
  • Our inspectors will spend a full day inspecting production
  • After the inspection is complete, we’ll deliver a detailed report

Note: Simple Sourcing is  only available for orders less that $250,000 USD. For larger orders please contact us directly for a quote.

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Our process, Step By Step  

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Request a Product

Let us know the product you want and we’ll work with you to define it into specifications that can be manufactured.

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Our team will figure out the cost of the product, any compliance issues, shipping issues, and manufacturing challenges and estimated total project cost.



Cosmo will deliver a list of us to 10 factories, and include contact information so that you can verify them yourself. No hiding behind sketchy sourcing agents.



We’ll handle the process of ordering and shipping samples to you and follow up with the factory to make any changes you desire.


On-site Visit

Our team will visit and meet with the factory in person, verify all documents and equipment and deliver a detailed report to you



Our experienced Chinese negotiators will negotiate the best price and terms for you.



We put together all purchase agreements and production documents to make sure that the order is well defined and laid out.


Production Management

Any time an issue occurs, such as delays or mistakes, we let you know as soon as possible. Our team will do our best to fix the situation and assist you with any issues.


Quality Control

Our team will visit to the factory and make sure they are complying with the order and meet your quality control standards. We also inspect the product before it’s shipped.


Product Prep

For FBA and other sellers we provide in-house product photography and other services to make sure that your product is ready.



Our staff will make sure that your product is shipped to exactly where you want, including Amazon’s warehouse or multiple destinations if required.



If you sell out of a product we’ll place additional orders on your behalf.