Vietnam Sourcing

Are you looking beyond China or want to diversify your supply Chain? Vietnam is an excellent country to source products. Cosmo has years of experience working in Vietnam, so get in touch with us.  



Why Vietnam? 

Vietnam is becoming the second best country to source products behind China. With recent changes in American trade policy, Vietnam is becoming even more attractive to buyers.  Even before the Changes Vietnam was fast becoming a great alternative to Chinese manufacturing and already well established as a manufacturing powerhouse. I personally think of Vietnam as a scrappy, yet promising startup vs a massive corporate behemoth that is China.  So why should you consider manufacturing in Vietnam? Read our guide and find out!

China + Vietnam Dual Sourcing package

Many buyer and companies do not like to put all their eggs in one basket, as a result many multinationals as well as larger volume FBA sellers have adopted a China + Vietnam Strategy. By sourcing and buying the same or similar products from both China and Vietnam at the same time you are able to take advantage of the best features of both countries as well as hedge your bets against any major changes in one country. With recent tariffs slapped against China, FBA buyers and major companies that use this policy were able to quickly shift production to Vietnam without any noticeable impact on their sales or supply chain.


Comare your existing supply chain to Vietnam

The China + Vietnam Sourcing strategy started with the clothing and footwear industries, which has used it for years now. The dual sourcing strategy  is expanding quickly to several other industries. Even if you are already buying or manufacturing in China and do not plan to move, it is still valuable to assess the Vietnamese landscape to determine if you can do better here. Having a list of suppliers in Vietnam can also give you a back up plan if thing were to suddenly change in China. It’s important for a company to be robust and have redundant operations strategies in place so that you can ensure the best service for your customers.