Additional Services

Vietnam Sourcing

Starting at $399

Cosmo Sourcing has been sourcing products and finding partners for clients in Vietnam since 2014. Over the years Cosmo has been building our own internal database and resources to source Vietnam. This experience has allowed us to offer exceptional service to our clients. Over time we have learned that people view Vietnam sourcing one of three ways: as a primary sourcing destination, as a secondary/backup or complementary destination. From this knowledge, we have built our sourcing packages to help you find your next product or partner!

Check out our Vietnam Sourcing page for more info!

Factory Inspections and Audits

$ 399


 Cosmo will send someone to visit the factory and meet with the management, double check the authenticity of the factory and inspect all equipment to make sure that it can be used. We then sit down and negotiate with them to finalize the details of the production of your product. While visiting the factory we will complete a full and detailed factory audit and deliver a report to you.

Product reordering


When you need to make additional shipments from the same factory we can handle starting at $99. Please note that any changes in the order from previous ones may incur additional cost.

Air + Ocean Shipping


Shipping to Multiple Destinations


Our standard shipping options are for either air or ocean freight (your choice) but for some people want a more robust shipping options. That’s why we give you the option to have a hybrid shipping option of both Air and Ocean shipping. This allows you to have the first batch shipped by Air so that you can have inventory within days of the manufacturing being completed, and the rest shipped by Ocean, so you can save money.

If you wish to have an item shipped to multiple destination, such as different Amazon fulfillment centers,  we can arrange for multiple shipping options and make sure that the product arrive at the location and in the quantity that you want.  

Sourcing report


Same report that's include with the full Simple Sourcing package but by itself. The first thing we do is talk with you to find out what is most important for a supplier, then use that info to create a custom built rating system. We then use a wide range of resources to create a large list, often over 100 factories, of potential suppliers, then eliminate them until we end up with about 6 final suppliers. These suppliers will be fully vetted and qualified to make your product. We deliver a detailed report, that includes the quotes, factory history, qualification, product details and much more. We even include full contact info of the supplier so you can talk to them personally and review the factory yourself, something that we believe no other sourcing company allows!

Validation Report


The Validation Report will show the total landed cost of the product. The landed cost is the cost to manufacture the product, plus and start-up cost with manufacturing (i.e. mold or cast that need to be made), plus shipping cost, plus any customs or duty taxes. This report will also provide a detailed timeline, broken down for each step, and detail the manufacturing needed to complete the product. You will also know any potential issue that we find, such as manufacturing challenges, or custom or regulatory issues.

Product Photography


We will arrange for your product to be shipped from the factory to a product photographer and deliver photos that are suitable for use on Amazon or any e-commerce website.

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