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Simple Sourcing

Plan, Find, Make, and Ship — These 4 simple steps are all it takes to turn your idea into a finished product.

Simple Sourcing is designed for Amazon FBA Sellers and those buying products for the first time. We made Simple Sourcing as easy and risk-free as possible so that you can get a great product from the best supplier. We know that buying a product for your business is scary, and if you are starting your own business, finding a great supplier is one more thing to worry about. instead, relax! Let Cosmo handle finding the perfect supplier for you, so you can focus on every other part of running your business.

So What makes our Simple Sourcing different from other sourcing services? Transparency, flat-rate pricing, and our custom rating system. While other sourcing companies charge high commissions and hide their factories or receive kickbacks, Cosmo makes sure that you know the factories you are working with. We are possibly the only sourcing company that gives you the contact information of the factories you are working with so you can talk to them directly. Our staff is forbidden from selling on Amazon or other platforms and are subject to regular audit to avoid conflict of interest or kickbacks. Cosmo Sourcing has been helping clients source and procure products since 2013, so get in touch and find out why hundreds of clients trust us.

Our process, designed from years of experience, is done in just 4 easy steps: Plan, Find, Make, and Ship.

Pricing available upon request: info@cosmosourcing.com


Step 1: PLAN // Product Planning + Validation


PRODUCT PLANNING // We view this as an essential first step to begin any project. In order to manufacturer your product it is essential that the supplier knows exactly what the product is and has the appropriate documents. This is why we need to make an RFQ (Request for Quote)  and a Product Specification sheet. These are industry standards and required to send to a supplier when we start contacting them in the sourcing step We will work closely with you to develop and fill out these two documents and our experts will polish and advise you. This is to make sure that the end result is exactly the product you want but also can be understood and carried out by the manufacturer.

VALIDATION // The Validation Report is made for you! With this report you will know the total landed cost of the product. The landed cost is the cost to manufacture the product, plus and start up cost with manufacturing (i.e. mold or cast that need to be made), plus shipping cost, plus and customs or duty taxes. In addition to the Landed cost we will provide a detailed timeline, broken down for each step, and detail the manufacturing needed to complete the product. You will also know any potential issue that we find, such as manufacturing challenges, or custom or regulatory issues. IF you request, we can also break down cost with or without certain features and customization, or with different materials.

At the end of the PLAN step you will receive three deliverables:

  • Validation Report

  • Product Specification sheet

  • Request for Quote document

Step 2: FIND // Sourcing + Samples

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After the validation step, we begin the Sourcing step and you will end up with a list of up to 6 extremely well-vetted suppliers ranked based on your custom ranking system and we will handle the sample order(s) so you can evaluate the product yourself.

SOURCING // We begin this step with a consultation between you and our skilled team to find out what is most important to you in a supplier. We use this to create a Custom tailored rating system, and use this to evaluate suppliers. Common factors that clients use to pick suppliers include cost, lead time, the ability to do certain customizations, pay a living wage and more. We then use a wide range of resources to create a large list, often over 100 factories and potential suppliers. We do all this in the cloud so you can follow along live. Using our evaluation skills and your ranking system we then eliminate suppliers until we end up with around 6 final suppliers. These suppliers will be fully vetted and best qualified to make your product based on your chosen criteria. We deliver a detailed report, that includes the quotes, factory history, qualification, product details and much more. We even include full contact info so you can talk to them personally and review the factory yourself, something that we believe no other sourcing company allows!  

SAMPLES  // Once we deliver the Sourcing report we then work with the factory or factories that YOU choose to arrange for the production and shipping of a sample to you. We can facilitate that payment on your behalf and make sure that everything is typical. When you are happy with the sample and check that it meets your requirements then we move to the next step.

 At the end of the FIND step you will have:

  • Sourcing report

  • Sample ordering

  • Sample evaluation

Step 3: MAKE // Inspection + Production


INSPECTION // Cosmo will send someone to visit the factory and meet with the management, double check the authenticity of the factory and inspect all equipment to make sure that it can be used. We then sit down and negotiate with them to finalize the details of the production of your product. While visiting the factory we will complete a full and detailed factory audit and deliver a report to you.

PRODUCTION // during our visit to the factory we will sit down with the managers to finalize the details of production. And make sure that the contracts are ready to be signed. Once you approve the sample we initiate the production with your chosen factory. This is done by an in-person visit, in which we inspect and verify the factory on your behalf and then sit with the factory managers to finalize the details of the production. Once production begins there are almost always issues that arise but don’t worry, this is to be expected we are prepared. We supervise and monitor the production on your behalf and are prepared to address the most common issue and we will keep you in the loop.

At the end of the MAKE step you will have:

  • Detailed inspection Report and On-site inspection of your chosen factory

  • Production management and supervision of your product

  • A final product ready to be shipped

Step 4: SHIP // Shipping + FBA Prep guidance

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SHIPPING // When your product is ready, we work with a freight forwarder to ship your product to a final destination of your choice. These destinations include FBA prep centers, Amazon fulfillment centers or any other destination you choose. We can also do more complex shipping option such as sending shipments by Air and sea simultaneously.  We will provide a list of quotes from several freight forwarders and can advise and make recommendations to get your product where you need it and on time.

PREP // Many of our clients are FBA sellers, and as a result, need to have their products prepped before they are sent to Amazons Fulfillment centers. We offer guidance, advice for you. For the preparation, we partner with a third-party FBA prep service. Cosmo will provide a list of quotes from various prep services and assist you as you plan to read your products for Amazon’s warehouses.

At the end of the SHIP step you will have:

  • A list of quotes from freight forwarders

  • Expert guidance on shipping your product to your destination

  • A list of quotes for FBA preparation services

  • Expert guidance to get you product prepared for Amazon

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