Clean Waves has created a database of plastic waste and is turning it into a marketplace of recoverable and recyclable plastic waste throughout the world. To do this, Clean Waves has four parts that we are building. First, Clean Waves has created a large database using a combination of publicly available data, working with partners such as the New Materials Institute, and our own proprietary data using satellite imagery analysis. These sites include dumps, river accumulation sites, beaches and more, mainly focused on India, Philippines and Southeast Asia. Second, Clean Waves teams will travel to potential waste accumulation sites to verify the data in person and to validate the quantity, quality, and type of plastics. We have already made trips to the Philippines, Taiwan, and Vietnam to quantify trash sites. Third, once we verify a waste accumulation site, Clean Waves will then add waste locations to a marketplace or work directly with partners (such as Dell or Nike) to clean up the waste. Finally, to collect, clean, and process the waste, we will use a combination of staff, volunteers and paid locals. Once processed, the plastics will be sold to partners who are then free to use the waste as they see fit. Uses include producing shoes, athletic wear, packaging, sunglasses and more. Clean Waves looks to close the gaps to create a circular and sustainable business based on plastic waste.

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