Cosmo offers three ways to source your next product

Simple Sourcing

Designed for sourcing products for FBA. Our most popular service comes with  flat rate pricing, full transparency and simplicity. From sourcing, buying and shipping, Cosmo handles every part of your project overseas so you can focus on your business.

Dynamic Sourcing

Not every project is simple, thats why Cosmo's Dynamic Sourcing packages are custom designed to fit your exact needs. Cosmo has a huge range of services to help you buy or plan your next large purchase overseas. Cosmo is one of the only sourcing companies that can handle a project in multiple countries simultaneously.   

Vietnam Sourcing

Are you looking beyond China or want to diversify your supply chain? Vietnam is an excellent country to source products. Cosmo has years of experience sourcing and doing business in Vietnam, so get in touch with us and find out how we can help!  

WHat Type of Sourcing do you want? 

What our clients have to say

“I would absolutely recommend Cosmo Sourcing to anyone who’s looking to import products from China. We used Cosmo for over 10 products for our FBA business. They managed to get quality suppliers each time and since we’re dealing directly with the factory, we can get the best price.”

— David Lou, Texas,  FBA Seller
“Cosmo saved an entire division of our company. After our only supplier in Brazil unexpectedly doubled their prices, we were scrambling to find a new manufacturer. We worked with the team at Cosmo to find new manufacturers in Southeast Asia. We ended up going with two suppliers that they found: one in Vietnam and one in Indonesia”
— Anonymous, Director of Global Sourcing for a Fortune 500 company
“My husband and I were introduced to Cosmo by a colleague who uses them for their FBA business. Cosmo was great in helping my husband and I find baby toys. We were very concerned with quality, as baby toys are held to higher health standards, but they handled the inspection and got us a product that sells great!”
— Brenda Eindhoven, Georgia, FBA Seller

Why Cosmo Sourcing?

INTERNATIONAL PRESENCE | Cosmo is established in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City and the USA. We are one of the only sourcing companies that can source from multiple countries simultaneously. 

AMERICAN OWNED AND MANAGED  | This ensures that we adhere to American standards of quality and expectation. Payments are to a US bank account, contracts are enforceable in The States, and you are dealing with a US entity.  

TRANSPARENT MODEL | Our fees are not based on commission, and we give you direct assess to the suppliers, so there is no middle men to deal with. 

EXPERIENCE | We have sourcing professionals with years of experience in sourcing, logistics, manufacturing and more that are fluent in both Mandarin and English.

UNDERSTAND CHINESE AND VIETNAMESE CULTURE | With years of experience living and working in China and Vietnam we understand even the smallest nuances in both personal and business culture.

NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST | Cosmo forbids our employees from selling on Amazon FBA, or any other platform. We also make sure that suppliers sign contracts so that they cannot sell your products on any online platform.  

PROVEN RESULTS  | Over $40 million USD in products sourced for hundreds of clients.

STRICT CLIENT CONFIDENTIALITY  | NDA’s are standard in any contract and built into our terms of service.

How can we help you to find the perfect supplier?