Frequently Asked Questions

Do Alibaba prices include shipping? 

Typically No. Prices on Alibaba are almost always EXW (Ex-works) and is the price for you to pick up the items directly from the factory. IF you want shipping to be included with your Alibaba quote, then you need to specify that you wish the quote to include shipping.  

Why do I need a sourcing partner? Why can't I just search on Alibaba or Google?

Many of our clients started with their own searches, and some have actually consummated transactions only to get burned.  We're here to help throughout the process, from locating and vetting appropriate suppliers to providing "feet on the ground" and in-person confirmation of resources and capabilities.  No matter what you're looking for, our goal is to help ensure that you actually get what you want.

What type of Products do you source? 

We are a general sourcing company and can search for suppliers and manufacturers of almost anything.  If a product can be produced, we can find a source for it.

I have a product I designed,  Can you find manufacturers to prototype and mass produce it? 

Yes. We have a constantly-growing list of sources with in-house prototyping and final assembly capabilities.  We also have access to rapid prototyping facilities with the latest CAD/CAM, CNC and 3-D replication and 3-D printing technologies. For particularly complex projects, we can also provide referrals.

How do I buy a small quantity on Alibaba?

If you are looking to buy a smaller number of items than the MOQ of a supplier on Alibaba, I would check out AliExpress ( AliExpress is owned by the same parent company as Alibaba but is organized more like Amazon and specializes in smaller orders.

What is the best way to pay on Alibaba?

Check out our guide on best way to pay a supplier here.

What does MOQ mean?

MOQ stands for Minimum order quantity and it is the smallest amount of products that you can buy from a supplier.

What is Cosmo Payment?

We are unaffiliated with Cosmo Payment, and are separate entities. We do not endorse or use them in any way. You can visit their website here: