Our Services

Cosmo Offers 3 great way to source your next product. If you are a first time buyer or and looking for products for FBA then we designed Simple Sourcing for you! For bigger companies those who are looking at more complex supply chains, we can tailor make a sourcing package for you with Dynamic Sourcing! and if you want to source from Vietnam we can do that with Vietnam Sourcing! Keep reading for more details of each of our services. 


Simple Sourcing

Designed for sourcing products for FBA and first time buyers. Our most popular service comes with flat rate pricing, full transparency and simplicity. From sourcing, buying and shipping, Cosmo handles every part of your sourcing you product overseas so you can focus entirely on your business.

Dynamic Sourcing

Not every project is simple, thats why Cosmo's Dynamic Sourcing packages are custom designed to fit your exact needs. Cosmo has a huge range of services to help you buy or plan your next large purchase overseas. Cosmo is one of the only sourcing companies that can handle a project in multiple countries simultaneously.   

Vietnam Sourcing

Are you looking beyond China or want to diversify your supply chain? Vietnam is an excellent country to source products. Cosmo has years of experience sourcing and doing business in Vietnam, so get in touch with us and find out how we can help!