Why do some people choose to source from both China and Vietnam? It gives them an extremely robust supply chain that can withstand major market forces and allows for a great deal of flexibility, as well as leverage to negotiate better rates between the two factories that you are sourcing form.


Step_01 // Dual Validation Reports 

This service is made for clients who are looking to start production on a new product and wish to evaluate both China and Vietnam. Most clients chose to do one country based on the Validation Reports however a select few choose to both Countries so that they can have a robust supply chain. Regardless of whether you choose Vietnam, China or Both, Cosmo can provide the service to get the product you want from the supplier and delivered to the destination of your choice.

This package starts with 2 Validation Reports -- one each for China and Vietnam. You can use these validation reports to determine which country or strategy is best for you and your product. Our reports include free consultations with our team to help and advise you on your decision.


  • Vietnam Validation Report

  • China Validation Report

  • A written report detailing each country and recommendations on which is better for you.

Step_02 // China or Vietnam Sourcing Report 

Once you make a decision, we can offer our Sourcing services to help you find a supplier. If you choose one country we will prepare a report for the respective country, or prepare two sourcing reports if you wish to do a Vietnam + China.  Our Sourcing packages for both countries start with Cosmo working with you to create a Custom Tailored Rating system, which we use to evaluate suppliers. These suppliers will be fully vetted and best qualified to make your product based on your chosen criteria. We deliver a detailed report, that includes the quotes, factory history, qualification, product details and much more. We even include full contact info so you can talk to them personally and review the factory yourself, something that we believe no other sourcing company allows!


  • Sourcing Report for the recommended country

  • Master list of up to 100 contacted suppliers with ratings

  • Final Suppliers list  that are fully vetted and rated by us.