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How to Negotiate with Suppliers in China and Vietnam - Tips to save you $1,000 on your project

Want to potentially save 1000’s of dollars on your next project? Check out these tips from our expert sourcing professionals

Like most people you want to save as much money as possible when you buy your products. In Chinese society, negotiations are expected and are part of business norms. But be warned, many factories have years, if not decades, of experience negotiating. We made this guide in order to give you a leg up on as you prepare to negotiate with your suppliers.

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China Product Sourcing vs. Vietnam Product Sourcing - Which is better for you product

Are you interested to see how sourcing products from Vietnam compare to China? Do you want to know the pros and cons of sourcing products from Vietnam? Curious as to how a sourcing company in Vietnam works? When I compare the two countries I try to think of China as a large mature corporate behemoth and Vietnam as the small but promising and rapidly growing start-up.  In this guide, we’ll go through the reason of whether it’s better to source from China or Vietnam for your next product!

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Alibaba Scams and Fraud Guide - Avoid getting ripped off when FBA Sourcing

Are you afraid of getting ripped off when FBA Sourcing? Want to know which suppliers are legitimate on Alibaba? Here's our guide to common Scams on Alibaba, and ways to become an expert when buying from Vietnam, China and beyond. Buying a product from China for FBA can be intimidating. To avoid scams you need to know about the culture and the business environment as well as tricks you can use to properly vet suppliers.

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Sourcing from Alibaba and Selling on Amazon FBA - A Step by Step Guide

Have you been looking to start an FBA business but unsure where to start? One of the most common, and easiest, ways to start is by buying products on Alibaba and selling them on Amazon’s FBA platform. If you’ve been looking at starting an FBA business you almost certainly have come across Alibaba. Alibaba is a massive Chinese marketplace with millions of sellers and tens of millions of product for sale in any quantity. Sourcing a product on Alibaba and selling on Amazon is one of the most popular methods to do FBA and it’s a great place to start as a beginner. Check out our low-risk, step by step guide to help you get started and save you time and money.

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