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How to Create a Product Specification Sheet for your FBA Product

If you can imagine a product, then there is a probably a factory who can build it. China and Vietnam have a seemingly endless number of manufacturers that have the capabilities to make a wide variety of products. But how do you know that the supplier makes your product exactly as you want? With a well-written product specification sheet. While it takes several steps to make your idea into a product, one of the first things you need to do is create a product specification sheet. Cosmo Sourcing has simplified this process into our simple sourcing, which has 4 steps: Plan, find, make and ship.

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Alibaba Scams and Fraud Guide // Avoid getting ripped off when FBA Sourcing

Are you afraid of getting ripped off when FBA Sourcing? Want to know which suppliers are legitimate on Alibaba? Here's our guide to common Scams on Alibaba, and ways to become an expert when buying from Vietnam, China and beyond. Buying a product from China for FBA can be intimidating. To avoid scams you need to know about the culture and the business environment as well as tricks you can use to properly vet suppliers.

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