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Why Vietnam manufacturing is the Best alternative to China // Vietnam Sourcing guide for the Trade War

Are you interested to see how sourcing products from Vietnam compare to China? Do you want to know the pros and cons of sourcing products from Vietnam? Curious as to how a sourcing company in Vietnam works? When I compare the two countries I try to think of China as a large mature corporate behemoth and Vietnam as the small but promising and rapidly growing start-up.  In this guide, we’ll go through the reason of whether it’s better to source from China or Vietnam for your next product!

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Common Supplier Scams // 12+ product sourcing scams from China and Vietnam

If you are looking for products product on Alibaba or one of it’s many alternatives, then there is a high likelihood that you will come across someone trying to rip you off. They love to target first time buyers who do not know any better. We wrote this guide so that you be aware of the most common ones. We also have a more in depth guide on this topic about how to spot scams and verify suppliers

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Guide to Tariffs and Customs Duty // How to Easily Import your Product

By now you should know that the US has imposed a 10% tariff on around $200 Billion worth of goods exported from China into the United States and is expected to rise to 25% on March 1st, pending a lack of a trade agreement. Now there is a great deal of uncertainty with the tariffs, but we will let you know how you can navigate it the best that you can. Even before the current trade dispute, buyers still had to pay duties and customs fees on a wide range of products shipped into the United States.

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